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From the analysis and design of appropriate marketing measures for customer acquisition and customer retention, through advertising and sales promotion plans, to operational implementation

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Your web presence: Committed to deliver your premium business card today

Are you already tired of explaining IT experts which specifics of your business model should be considered when constructing your website? Do you have the feeling that due to many misunderstandings your projects are going substantially out of control in terms of cost overruns and scheduling?

The overpriced services of the advertising agencies are not an option for you either, since they first need considerable time to become acquainted with your business model and markets.

We are convinced that an effective web presence can only be built on the basis of profound knowledge of

That is why, in the first step you neither need a web designer nor an IT expert. Our projects start with a detailed analysis made by our marketing professionals. Then in the second step, we involve creative graphic designers who can draft a first proposal for your new website.

Once you have approved this design, we further detail the proposal and bring the necessary IT experts in programming into action. You don’t need to care about any IT stuff in any phase of the project. Of course, the systems are constructed in such a way that you can easily make ongoing updates on the website yourself. Staff training is part of our overall service.

Our approach provides you with the following opportunities:

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